Adding Adventure to your Honeymoon

Adding Adventure to your Honeymoon

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Two people joining in holy matrimony is enough to make you believe in true love. What makes the occasion so much more special is when both parties have similar interests, which means that they will have more in common than most couples. That can also mean that the honeymoon is a fantastic time, especially if you decide to do something more extraordinary than a standard beachfront resort.


Here are three ways to add some adventure to your honeymoon, ensuring that it will be just as memorable as your wedding, if not more so.

Take the Scenic Route on a Motorcycle

If both of you are into bikes, then it would make sense that your honeymoon involve your lifestyle. Whether your ride is made of Honda motorcycle parts or something other type of motorcycle accessories, you can enjoy majestic trails together, no matter where you are riding.

The benefits of riding through a scenic road trip together include experiencing more of your surroundings, having more freedom to go where you want, and enjoying each other’s company. To make things even more romantic, get matching motorcycle jackets.

Go On a Jungle Tour

If you want to connect to the great outdoors, why not try someplace more exotic than your hometown? Some of the best places to take these kinds of tours are in South America or Costa Rica, where you can walk among the trees and zip line in canopies. If you go to Costa Rica, you can see the world famous Arenal Volcano.


Don’t Plan Ahead

If you really want an adventure, then you can decide on a place to visit the day of and leave whenever you feel like it. During your unplanned vacation, you can go where the wind takes you or where your budget can afford. By leaving everything to the last minute, you are sure to have much more of a memorable time than if you planned your itinerary ahead of time. For the more anal of you, you can have a backup plan just in case, but that may spoil the fun.


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